Salticon Ltd Vrsac was established at the end of 1998, with 100% privately owned capital. Thanks to its geographical position and to the fact that there is a Railway frontier customs office in Vrsac Salticon Ltd have determined to establish a very close cooperation with Romanian companies.

Salticon Ltd. has been importing and distributing salt of all kinds. The task we have had was a very difficult one – there have been several well known producers and distributors of salt on the market (SODA SO, RADAKOVIC, NAJS, SO PRODUKT, CENTROPROIZVOD) and we have had to fight our way through the market. There have been a lot of good and bad things in our business. The first year of the business in terms of import was a symbolic one with the annual amount of 750 tonnes. Despite great economic problems which the entire commerce of our country was facing during the war conditions, we have been realizing a slow growth, aiming to satisfy the needs of our market and customers'. In 2003, we reached the amount of 2550 t, with further growth of import and expansion at our market, as well as with a wider perspective. During the year of 2000 SALTICON took the risk of building a new headquarters offices together with constructing a warehouse of 1000m2 positioned at the gauge, which represented a symbolic turning-point in further development of SALTICON. At the beginning it had been a small family business which grew into a significant factor on salt market and reached semiannual import of 5000 t in 2004.

The company has been growing bigger each day which gives us wider opportunity of new bisinesses. Having built the warehouse and having registrated it as an official customs warehouse , we have enabled diversity of business. Alongside the import and distribution of salt, we have started offering our service in warehousing and customs bonding with complete automatic service and manipulation of goods.
Thanks to constant hard work and efforts of the employees, patience and a belief that we are on the right way, as well as to the support we have had from our partner from Romania – PROFILUX S.A. Bucuresti, we have been able to achieve this result.

We have recently signed a general agency contract , for Serbia and Montenegro ,with the biggest salt export company in South – East Europe , KRISAR S.A., Bucuresti – Romania. We understand that as a verification of our business policy and succesful cooperation with our foreign partner in the past, which represents the important support for further realisation of our plan – to expand our business and to fight our way through the market, which will hopefully make us one of the leaders in salt distribution in South – East Europe.

At the end, all of our efforts are aimed to one thing –complete satisfaction of customers' needs.

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